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Job Openings

Opening for a fully funded PhD student as part of RTG2344 MeInBio:

We have an opening for one PhD student (fully funded for 3 years, start of PhD project in September 2023) as part of the structured PhD program RTG2344 MeInBioThe PhD project in our lab will focus on identifying the dynamics of spatial organization of cell types as well as activity patterns of transcription factors and chromatin regulators associated with heart failure pathogenesis through integrative analysis of single cell transcriptomes, epigenomes and subcellular spatial transcriptomes. If interested please apply here (application deadline: February 19, 2023).

PhD students/Doktoranden and Postdocs:

We are always looking for enthusiastic and creative PhD students and Postdocs to reveal gene regulatory mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases using cutting-edge single cell epigenomics, multiomics technologies and functional perturbation assays. For our studies we use clinical samples, mouse models, cell culture and stem cell differentiation models.


  • Master degree or PhD degree in any field with strong interest in gene regulation, epigenomics, functional genomics and high dimensional data analysis.

  • Experience with analysis and/or generating epigenomic datasets (ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, CUT&Tag) and single cell genomics datasets (single cell RNA-seq, single cell ATAC-seq) are preferred, but not required.

  • For wet lab candidates, experience with in vitro differentiation of cardiomyocytes or organoid culture is a plus.

  • Candidates with experience in both wet and dry lab are highly encouraged to apply.

  • Excellent communication and collaborative skills. 

Interested candidates please send one pdf with following documents to sebastian.preissl[at]

1) Motivation letter including your research interests

2) CV

3) Contact information for two to three references

Medical students (medizinische Doktorarbeit), master and diploma students:

Students interested in thesis work please contact us about potential projects. Please send a statement of your research interest and a CV to: sebastian.preissl[at]

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